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14th President of INDIA “RAM NATH KOVIND” 2017

14th President of INDIA “RAM NATH KOVIND” 2017

by Awadhesh SinghJuly 20, 2017

India got a new President. BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) nominee Ram Nath Kovind, former Bihar Governor, is won the Presidential polls held on Monday. Here is all you need to know about Presidential polls and its counting process.

  1. Counting of votes started at 11 am in Room Number 62 on the first floor of the Parliament House with the opening of first ballot box of Parliament House. Then, the ballot boxes received from states would be counted in an alphabetical order. Results will be out by 5 pm
  2. After first round of counting in Assam, Arunachal, Andhra and Bihar, Ram Nath Kovind is leading with 60,683 votes, UPA’s Meira Kumar at 22,941. There will be eight rounds of counting and announcements will be made after every round.
  3. Meira Kumar secured no vote from Andhra against Kovind’s 27,189 value of votes. In Arunachal, Kovind secured 448 and Meira Kumar 24. NDA candidate bagged 10,556 from Assam against Meira Kumar’s 4,060. In Bihar, Kovind got 22,490 and Meira Kumar 18,867. Counting is going on under the supervision of Lok Sabha secretary general Anoop Mishra, who is also the Returning Officer.
  4. Ballot boxes are opened in the presence of representatives of the two candidates — Ram Nath Kovind and Meira Kumar — and the observers of the Election Commission.
  5. In India, President is elected by electoral college. It comprises all members of Parliament and legislative assemblies of all states, as well as of the Union Territories.
  6. Total strength of electoral college is 10,98,903 votes. A candidate needs more than 50 per cent votes to win presidential polls. That translates to 5,49,452 votes.
  7. NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind, former Bihar governor, is expected to get more than 70 per cent votes over the UPA nominee Meira Kumar, a former Lok Sabha Speaker, as he enjoys support of 40 parties including NDA parites, JD-U, BJD, TRS, different factions of AIADMK, and the YSR Congress. The voting on Monday saw nearly 99 per cent voting.
  8. Ram Nath Kovind is the second Dalit President of India after KR Narayanan.
  9. President Pranab Mukherjee’s term is ending on July 24 and the India’s 14th President will take oath the next day.
  10. In the last Presidential polls held in 2012, Pranab Mukherjee had defeated PA Sangma by over 69 per cent votes


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